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The Perfect


During its 2016 construction, we were married under the open frame of the Barn at sunset on a gorgeous fall Saturday.   This photo hangs inside the Barn, not only as a reminder of our special day,  but also as our wish to every couple whose wedding we host that they might experience the same joy and indescribable happiness.

Jill & Mark Mattingly

The Charm Of Yesterday. The Conveniences of Today.

Although its design and construction pays homage to the barns of time gone by, the Bloomfield Barn features modern conveniences intended for the comfort and enjoyment of our guests.

Air-conditioning for summer, radiant floor heat for winter. 

Comfortable always.


Quiet.  Secluded. Perfection.

Our location, a little over a mile off of a state highway, is so simple to reach but once you are here, it's as if the rest of the world fades away.

Plan Your

Dreams With Us.

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