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  • How many guests does the Barn hold?
    For weddings, the absolute maximum for an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception is 275. For indoor wedding ceremonies with indoor receptions, the maximum is 200. (Please note: even if you think, for example, that your guests won't mind being a little more crowded, we still have to draw the line to comply with applicable standards and regulations.)
  • Does the Barn have restrictions on catering?
    No, you are free to use the caterer of your choice. We do not have "preferred vendors" but we are happy to make recomendations based on the experiences and comments of our past clients and their guests. Whatever type of meal, whatever type of service you have in mind, we can certainly make suggestions.
  • What are the lodging options for our wedding guests?
    We are excited to have a brand-new four-story Hampton Inn in nearby Paris, IL Other nearby options are also available including the lovely Red Oak Inn B&B in Paris. Feel free to contact us for more specifics.
  • Is the Barn heated and cooled?
    Yes! Your guests are guaranteed to be comfy no matter what time of year you choose to celebrate. We have radiant heat in the floors which is wonderful in the cooler months, and we have lots of air conditioning units, sufficient to move around the 23 tons of air inside the large open gambrel roof of the Barn.
  • What are the hours for a typical wedding rental?
    Most of our Saturday rentals are from 10:00 am until midnight. Fridays and Sundays have reduced hours. Our guest house and other facilities like the soon-to-be-available Bride's House may be available to extend the time you might need (for example, to do hair and makeup) so make sure to ask about any special requests you may have.
  • Can I have a bar at my celebration?
    Yes, we work with an outside service which will coordinate everything for you - they will order the appropriate quantities based upon your guest count, pickup and deliver the beverages to the Barn, create a themed service that matches your wedding, arrange for trained bartenders, take care of all the serveware and other incidentals ... all to make certain that the bar for you celebration is super simple. You will be required to obtain "social host liquor liability" insurance to cover your event.
  • Can I have my rehearsal at the Barn? What about my rehearsal dinner?
    Both one-day and two-day rentals are possible (subject to availability) if you would like to have access to the Barn for the day before your celebration. Make sure to ask about those packages!
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